About the cup

About the cup

“The Cup of the Ageev brothers and Olympic champions Yuri Postrigaya and Alexander Dyachenko”: a new format and new opportunities

Dear colleagues!

Dear friends!

We invite you, your coaches and athletes to take part in the All-Russian rowing competitions in canoe and kayaks “Cup of brothers Ageev and Olympic champions Yu. Postrigay and A. Dyachenko”. They will be held for the first time in September 2017 in Moscow. It will be competitions in an entirely new format that will unite athletes from all over Russia, promote the popularization of rowing and take their place in the calendar of both eminent and beginning career athletes.

We are the organizers: rowing veterans Alexander and Andrey Ageyev and Olympic champions Yuri Postrigay and Alexander Dyachenko.

We are representatives of different generations, but we are united by one desire – to draw rowing on kayaks and canoes as many young Russians as possible.

We want to show how beautiful and useful our sport is. Rowing deserves to be a more popular and demanded sport. Rowing activities not only strengthen physically, but also develop leadership qualities, help to become a successful person.

To unite this idea of ​​representatives of regional schools, we decided to hold the competition in a new format. “The Cup of the Ageyev brothers”, which has been going on for 16 years in order to popularize our sport, will expand the borders considerably next year.

Within the framework of the Cup of the Ageev brothers and Olympic champions Yu. Postrigay and A. Dyachenko, awards will be played among the crews of twos and fours of kayaks and canoes, among juniors and veterans according to the schedule of the competitions.

Competitions will be held for three days: September 7 – the day of arrival, from September 8 to September 10 – competitive days, September 11 – the day of departure. The new format will be the category “FATHERS AND CHILDREN”. Crews in it will be formed on the principle of direct kinship and compete only on kayaks-deuces. Sex and age of the participants do not matter. The number of races will be determined based on the number of applications submitted.

A separate day will be dedicated to the supersprint in single classes at a distance of 100 meters. It will be attended by world-famous athletes, world champions and Olympic Games from Russia and other countries.

This has never happened in Russia. We expect that the competitions will open new “stars” for domestic rowing.

The preparation for the competition will be covered on a specially created website aaacup.ru. We invite the Cup participants to declare themselves now. On the site can be placed video presentations of teams, heads of schools, coaches, athletes and crews.

Visitors of the site will get a unique opportunity to not only get acquainted with the participants, but also watch video lessons of Olympic champions Yuri Postigaya and Alexander Dyachenko, as well as other famous Russian athletes who will share the secrets of mastery. In a special rubric, the rating of athletes in each region of Russia and the country as a whole will be formed.

“The Cup of the Ageev brothers and Olympic champions Yu. Postrigaya and A. Dyachenko” opens up new opportunities for representatives of all Russian rowing schools. All participants of the competition are waiting for exciting starts and great atmosphere, wonderful prizes and gifts from the organizers. Olympic champions will be congratulating and rewarding young winners and prize-winners, and joint photos and advice of masters will become an additional incentive for children to reach new heights.

We expect that with your active participation the competitions will be held at the highest level. Join now!


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