Ageev Brothers

Ageev Brothers

“Iron” crew

Brothers Andrew and Alexander Ageev came to rowing on the advice of his father, Alexander Grigorievich. Ageev Senior has adhered to very strict principles in education. He saw in rowing not only a good tool for the development of physical development, but also the best medicine for idleness, spleen and bad habits.

Popular in Soviet times, the slogan “The sun, air and water are our best friends” has worked all the time. The brothers, who, by the way, are separated by a unique age difference of 9 months and one day, spent all their free time on the water, and it was simply no time for them to exchange for the temptations of an idle life.
“We competed in strength and endurance, and not in bad habits. We learned to respect those who are older and more experienced. When our first trainer Vladimir Borisovich Brazhnikov left, we gathered at his entrance, wept and persuaded him to stay, “Alexander Ageyev recalls.
The coaches of the Volga children’s and youthful rowing school called the brothers “pieces of iron.” Pupils of the school Ageyev came to train in any weather, in training laid out in full, and at the competition fought to the last.

The highest achievement for them was the gold medal of international youth competitions in the German Spandau in 1992, which were considered an unofficial European championship. The brothers Ageyevs were not equal in a kayak-deuce at a distance of 500 meters.
With this victory they decided to put an end to professional sports, making a choice in favor of studying and career of lawyers. However, they still cherish the devotion to rowing. The Ageevs instilled love for this sport to their sons and successfully compete in veterans’ competitions. So, in 2016 they became the winners of the ICF World Rowing and Canoeing Championship among masters, held in Lithuania.

Alexander Ageyev believes that the rowing is due to such important qualities as dedication, efficiency and dedication. A deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation for the fourth and sixth convocations, he regularly entered the TOP of the most effective lawmakers. Working in the committee on constitutional legislation and state building, Alexander Agey very often from the parliamentary rostrum spoke about the importance of sport for the younger generation and about the crisis phenomena in its development. The fact that the mission of sports – to teach only good, he knows from his own experience.

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