History of the Cup

History of the Cup

The Cup of the Ageyev brothers: traditions and modernity

The Cup of the brothers Ageyevs was first held in Volzhsky (Volgograd region) in August 2001. His ideological inspirers and organizers – brothers Alexander and Andrey Ageyev – decided to hold competitions on the basis of their native Volga children’s and youth school of the Olympic reserve №4, in order to pay attention to its problems and attract new students. The competition was attended not only by the hosts, but also by young oarsmen from Volgograd, Krasnoslobodsk and Kalach-on-Don.

Already the first starts have shown the correctness of the conceived. In the fight the pupils of the school of all generations were bursting. The scope of the competition was decided to expand, including in the program races of veterans. However, looking at the veterans, it was difficult to call them such. This once again stressed how high the margin of safety and the correct vital signs give the classes of rowing. The idea of ​​the brothers Ageyev justified itself. The Cup was a significant event for the popularization of rowing in the region.

The following year the Cup of the Ageev brothers was planned to be included in the official calendar of the regional competitions, and then – to bring it to the federal level.

In the coming year the Cup of the Ageev brothers will again expand the borders. In September 2017 in Moscow for the first time the All-Russian competitions in rowing on kayaks and canoes “Cup of brothers Ageev and Olympic champions Postigaya and Dyachenko will take place”. Competitions will be held in a completely new format and will unite athletes from all over Russia. The goal is the same: draw new talent in rowing, say “thank you” to this wonderful sport and all the coaches, many of whom continue to work on enthusiasm, but glorify the country with the victories of the pupils.

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