Happy birthday, Alexander Dyachenko

Happy birthday, Alexander Dyachenko

Do not afraid of this word, one of the GREATEST athletes of our time, Olympic Champions Alexander Dyachenko’s birthday today! Despite all the difficulties, through which Alexander had to go, despite all the trials that has stood in his way in this difficult, in connection with the reports, the time he did it, came out decent, clean and showed a real athlete.

We wish Alexander to prove to the world that he is the greatest, the STRONGEST! Even in this life (not only sport) it is accompanied by success and victory in everything! We wish him good health (and in our time this is the most important thing), more smiles, happiness, well-being and that all his dreams come true!

Always keep faith in yourself, because such athletes as you — UNITS!

We are very proud of you and always close to you! Happy birthday!

V F M O T t
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